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Formed in 1983, Rillatech specialises in high-quality food packaging materials for the food processing industry. Based in Chesterfield, our warehouse holds over a thousand different types of food casings and packaging.

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High Quality Food Packaging

Rillatech is a family run business totally focussed in serving our customers with the best possible products at competitive prices, more recently in 2013 we were proud to join the Dalziel Group  of companies and continue to expand our customer bases with the UK and Ireland.

We pride ourselves on supplying quality products at great prices. With a fast and efficient delivery network throughout the UK and Europe, we always ensure your needs are met. For more about our food packaging products, contact Rillatech by calling: 01246 291488.

At Rillatech,

we work hard to supply a full range of food packaging solutions and services to our clients. We produce various kinds of artificial food casings and packaging with high barriers that offer protection against discolouration or oxygen penetration, ensuring that your products remain fresh.

Our company has built a fantastic reputation for the quality of our products.

The majority of material is purchased in reel form and further manufactured in our factory to create a broad, first-class range of food casing solutions. Packaging can be tailored to client requirements, offering comprehensive finishing services if requested. When it comes to our clients, quality and value are our highest priorities.

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The team at Rillatech offer an organised and efficient service to ensure our clients receive products on time and to a high standard. With nearly 40 years in the industry and as part of the Dalziel Group since 2013, we aim to provide a package of goods and services that fits your requirements. We are extremely committed to providing you the best, safe and affordable food packaging solutions.

Our warehouse meets all the necessary hygiene and safety regulations, and we have achieved accreditation to the BRCGS for Packaging and Packaging Materials. We are proud of the high standards set at our site to ensure our staff and your products are safe. Rillatech focuses on providing a high level of added value to our packaging solutions.

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For more information about our food packaging solutions, get in touch with Rillatech. Call us today on 01246 291488, or email